A New Year’s Resolution That Will Last!

Most are familiar with the common resolutions for a new year, such as dieting and getting fit, to quit smoking or even learning something new. Did you know that the resolutions just listed are also the most common broken new year’s resolutions?

As supportive adults in a foster youth/alumni’s life, you can encourage a New Year’s resolution that can last a lifetime — education! For so many youth who have just entered college, or even those students in high school, a new year/semester can be seen as a time for a new start.

Manpreet, a second-year student majoring in Psychology at Diablo Valley College, reflected on what she’s wants for the New Year as a California Scholar. “So many of us weren’t pushed to grow or even be happy in foster care…I want happiness, growth, my consciousness to be ever growing and equality for everybody.” She emphasizes encouraging youth to “seek out themselves” and for supportive adults to assist however possible. “Knowing what I want for myself as an individual is the base of my education.”

Gary who’s a senior majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship at Cal. State Fullerton agrees and also encourages supportive adults to take the time to sit with a young person and find what excites them. “Look at a foster youth as you would a younger brother or sister. Let them live their lives, make mistakes, pay attention and give them a gentle push sometimes. You don’t have to be a hero for every foster youth, just be a hero for one. It just takes one.”

Both Manpreet and Gary agree, education is the start of good things to come in all the New Years ahead. Manpreet’s words caputure this sentiment eloquently, “at night I can dream my dreams and I can wake up and continue dreaming or go out and chase those dreams and education is the first step.”

Submitted by Rusty Johnson, FosterClub CA Program Coordinator. A special thanks to Manpreet Singh, CA Youth Ambassador and Gary Gass, CYC Orange Co. Chair and CA Scholar.