Our Team

With support from the Stuart and Walter S. Johnson foundations, California College Pathways is managed by the John Burton Advocates for Youth, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California dedicated to improving the quality of life for California’s homeless, foster and former foster youth and developing policy solutions to prevent homelessness.

California College Pathways Staff

  • Debbie Raucher, Project Director
    Debbie Raucher serves as the Project Director, providing leadership and strategic visioning for California College Pathways.
  • Amy Lemley, Executive Director
    Amy Lemley is the Executive Director of John Burton Advocates for Youth. In this role, Ms. Lemley develops and implements legislative, regulatory and administrative strategies to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Jessica Petrass, FYCAP Manager
    Jessica Petrass manages the Foster Youth College Advancement Project in Los Angeles, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative and the LA Chamber of Commerce.
  • Deborah Pruitt, Project Manager
    Deborah Pruitt provides direct technical assistance and training to members of the CCP community along with management of CCP projects.

Project Partners

  • FosterClub was established on the principal that self-advocacy, access to information and youth involvement are keys to youth well-being in foster care. FosterClub has established a team of Youth Ambassadors who collaborate on CCP activities and provide youth perspective on the work of CCP.
  • The Foster Youth Success Initiative was established through the vision of the Community College Chancellor’s Office and with the support of the Foundation for Community Colleges. FYSI works to bring issues affecting foster youth to the forefront and to improve the ability of these youth to access and succeed in postsecondary education.
  • Education Results Partnership manages CalPASS Plus, a cross-sector data system that provides data on foster youth progress across the community college system.
  • Unite LA is a project of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and partners with JBAY on the Los Angeles Foster Youth College Advancement Project