Assisting Foster Youth to Access Graduate Education

These cases are the first in a series about students who come from a background in foster care and still, despite incredible adversity, have been successful in gaining acceptance to graduate school. The cases can be used by instructors of students in undergraduate support programs and are also suitable for high school students in ILP classes. Each case presents a protagonist (the student) who is facing an issue that needs resolution and requires some thought. The case provides a brief section on each students experience in foster care but keeps this to a minimum; it is only there to help readers identify with the protagonist. Each case provides information about an aspect of the graduate school application process or graduate school itself, as well as detailed descriptions of academic life. Each case is accompanied by a facilitators guide that provides ideas about how the case might be used in a classroom or instructional setting, but the cases are open to investigation and can be used for a variety of pedagogical purposes.

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About the cases
Case example 1
Case example 1 facilitator’s guide
Case example 2
Case example 2 facilitator’s guide
Case example 3
Case example 3 facilitator’s guide
Case example 4
Case example 4 facilitator’s guide
Case example 5
Case example 5 facilitator’s guide