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YouthSpeak: What Permanency Means to Us

by Jennifer Martinez, FosterClub California Youth Ambassador Consultant Permanency, it’s an odd word to many foster youth. It’s not something that you experience as you are bounced from home to home. What happens after we leave the system? I know

YouthSpeak: The Importance of Foster Youth Voice and Educational Outcomes

Sometimes, as foster youth, we don’t really know who is actually helping to improve the foster care system. We face many obstacles and hardships before and after entering the foster care system. However, there are many organizations and professionals working

YouthSpeak: The Power of Mentorship

By Zule Dixon, FosterClub Youth Ambassador May 17, 2016 I would like to reflect on someone who passed away. She was my friend, and more importantly, served as my mentor. My mentor made herself available to me for car related

A Taxing Season for Foster Youth

By Monica Singh, California Youth Ambassador It’s TAX season, you know what that means! Or do you? Have you taken the time to talk to a foster youth about taxes? While taxes are vital for the U.S. government to provide

A New Year’s Resolution That Will Last!

Most are familiar with the common resolutions for a new year, such as dieting and getting fit, to quit smoking or even learning something new. Did you know that the resolutions just listed are also the most common broken new

YouthSpeak: It’s FAFSA Season

by Rusty Johnson, FosterClub California Program Coordinator ‘Tis the season for deadlines and yes, this includes financial aid!  There is one BIG deadline that everyone must know about, especially foster youth and alumni …the FAFSA! As a former foster youth myself,

YouthSpeak: Helping Foster Youth Through the Holidays

by Brianna Roberts, California Scholar The holiday season is normally a time for joy, celebration, laughter and, family. For former or current foster youth the holiday season can be a time where we feel lonely, vulnerable, sad, or, a time when

YouthSpeak: Reconnecting with Family

We asked California Scholars:  “Did you attempt or succeed in reconnecting with family members AFTER you left foster care? If so, how did this impact your education?” “I reconnected with my family after leaving foster care. It was definitely rocky

YouthSpeak: What’s one FACT you would like the PUBLIC to know about foster care?

We asked California Scholars:  “May is National Foster Care Month! What’s one FACT you would like the PUBLIC to know about foster care? Or – is there a foster care MYTH you would like to dispel?” “We are not just

Youth Speak: The Role of Biological Family in Higher Education

Some youth in foster care experience pressure from their biological families when it comes to pursuing higher education – but it’s not always positive pressure. Sometimes biological families lack the ability to provide financial support, undervalue education, or exhibit jealousy

“Transition After College” by Brianna Crone-Roberts

Transitioning to a new chapter in your life is never an easy step to take when you are a young adult. I am currently graduating from California State University, San Bernardino with a BA in Psychology and Human and Child

“Supporting College Preparation for Foster Youth” by Joel Uruza

I was part of the foster care system for three years and I am now participating in Foster Club as one of the Core Leadership Team members in California.  While in high school, I was reluctant to apply for a