FAQ & Myths

What if students don’t meet the eligibility requirements for financial aid?
Even if students don’t meet eligibility requirements for federal or state financial aid, contact the staff at campus support programs or the financial aid office at colleges students are interested in to find what options may available.

Do students need to report family (biological or family living with) income on financial aid applications?
The financial aid application, known as the FAFSA, asks specific questions to determine if a student should be considered “independent” for the purposes of financial aid. Independent students are only required to report their own income (and that of a spouse) and not that of either biological parents or other who may be providing support, such as foster parents or relative caregivers. If the student was in foster care or was a ward of the court at any point after the age of 13, or if he/she was in a legal guardianship, he/she is considered independent for the purposes of financial aid.

For a more detailed description of how to answer questions on the FAFSA that define status as a foster youth, Click Here.

The financial aid office may ask the student to provide a letter that states that he/she was in foster care. Students can request a letter from the child welfare agency that has or had jurisdiction over their case, the Independent Living Services Program or the Foster Care Ombudsman’s office by calling (877) 846-1602.