Foster Youth Higher Education Bills Advance Through Legislature

Two bills sponsored by the John Burton Advocates for Youth cleared hurdles recently as they make their way through the legislative process. On April 12, supporters for AB 2506 (Thurmond) convened in Sacramento to provide testimony on behalf of the bill, resulting in a unanimous 13-0 vote in support. If enacted, AB 2506 will expand the availability of the Chafee Education and Training Voucher program to all eligible foster youth who apply and align the institutional requirements with those of the CalGrant program.


SB 906 (Beall) passed both the Senate Appropriations Committee and the full Senate on April 14 and now makes its way to the Assembly. This bill would remove an existing sunset clause in priority registration law that would eliminate the benefit for foster youth and other special populations at the end of this year. The bill also seeks to align the definition of foster youth for the purposes of priority registration with other foster youth college-based programs.