College Options

California’s public higher education system offers a variety of affordable college options in nearly every corner of the state, as well as career technical education (CTE, sometimes referred to as vocational education). Many of them offer support for foster youth scholars.

Learn more about three public education systems, as well as Career Technical Education options, and what they offer foster youth:

California Community Colleges
Community colleges offer students a range of short-term certificate programs, two-year associate degrees or the opportunity to transfer to a four-year university.  There are 113 campuses across the state.

California State University (CSU) System
The CSU system includes 23 campuses across California and offers qualified students a path towards a four-year bachelor’s degree. Students can attend as freshman entries and transfer students from Community College.

University of California (UC) System
UC campuses welcome thousands of new students pursuing a four-year degree every year at the 10 campuses across the state as freshman entries and transfer students from Community Colleges.

Career Technical Education (CTE)
For foster youth interested in enhancing knowledge and skills that are focused on a particular career path, Career Technical Education, or vocational education, may be the right track.

Campus Support Programs for Foster Youth

To find information about campus support programs for foster youth on college campuses, go to “Find Campus Support Programs.”