Grad School

For some career paths, continuing education beyond a Bachelors degree is necessary. There are literally hundreds of different types of graduate programs ranging from two years to many, including law, teaching, health careers, business, computer technology, engineering, social work, public health and more. Graduate education can increase earning potential and advance careers.  It can provide research opportunities, knowledge and skills upgrades, and present new academic challenges and prospects.

Pursuing additional education can seem daunting but help is available to decide the best course of action to achieve youth’s career goals.

Getting Prepared for Graduate School
This site is designed especially for former foster youth who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree. A companion Instructors Site has been developed for directors of support programs who may want to develop a class with these materials.

Guardian Professions Program
The University of California at Davis offers a Guardian Professions Program specifically designed to support foster youth attending graduate school at any one of UC Davis’s 90 graduate and professional school programs. Click the link, or view a flyer.

Petersons Grad School Bound
This website offers a 3-Step Graduate Program Match Tool along with a wealth of other resources to help explore graduate program options, weigh the pros and cons, maximize chances of acceptance and consider payment options.

University of California
Offers helpful tips about planning and preparing for graduate school

College Affordability Guide
This guide walks students through the various sources of aid available to graduate students: institutional aid and loans, fellowships/assistantships, employer assistance programs, and more.