Increase Access to Financial Aid: Support SB 12

Senate Bill 12, proposed by Senator Jim Beall (D-15) has been referred to the Senate Committee on Education where it will be heard in early March. SB 12 would improve post-secondary educational achievement among foster youth by increasing access to financial aid and campus-based services.

  • SB 12 would increase the rate of financial aid awards received by foster youth by streamlining the financial aid verification process for foster youth who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and requiring every county child welfare agency to identify a person to assist the foster youth in the financial aid application process.
  • The bill would increase access to campus-based services by expanding the Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Education Support (CAFYES) Program from the current level of ten community college districts to 20 districts, thereby enabling more foster youth to receive the support they need to succeed.

John Burton Advocates for Youth, the bill’s sponsor, is collecting support letters for SB 12, addressed to the Senate Committee on Education.

To download the sample support letter, follow this LINK, and forward your letter to by February 17th. To learn more about SB 12, read the fact sheet or contact Amy Lemley.