Information is Power: Using Data to Inform Campus Support Program Design

Increasingly funders and service providers alike are recognizing the value of using data to inform the design of programs in order to ensure that resources are targeted most effectively and service delivery is leading to desired outcomes. This webinar provided an introduction to the tools and knowledge needed to evaluate and understand what your data is telling you. The webinar focused on using the milestone and momentum points being collected by campus-based foster youth support programs funded through California College Pathways to inform program planning. Whether you are looking to create, enhance or supplement a campus support program for foster youth, understanding how to use data will enable you to hone in on specific strategies that will be most impactful on foster youths’ educational success. Kathy Booth, Senior Research Associate at West Ed, offered specific tips and recommendations to uncover how to understand your data, resolve data collection problems, use data to focus your efforts towards specific goals, and make data your ally.

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Powerpoint slides – Using Data to Inform Campus Support Program Design
Web Seminar recording – Using Data to Inform Campus Support Program Design