Reports and Resources to Help You Get Started

Campus Support Programs: A Leadership Guide
John Burton Advocates for Youth, June 2013
This practical guide provides an overview of how to plan and implement a campus support program for foster youth in California.

Sample Campus Support Program Forms
Customizable Word documents including intake, release of information, checklists and mid-term grade reports.

Student Equity Foster Youth Planning Guide
Guide for community colleges designed to assist with incorporation of data, activities and objectives related to addressing the needs of foster youth in community college equity plans.

Conducting Foster Youth Training for Faculty and Campus Staff
PowerPoint curriculum and trainer’s guide with tips and tools for delivering the curriculum, designed for use by campus based foster youth support programs to provide training to faculty and staff about the needs of foster youth on their campus.

Supporting Success: Improving Higher Education Outcomes for Students from Foster Care, Version 2.0
Casey Family Programs, December 2010
This report, now in its second edition, offers detailed information on the core elements necessary for the development of a successful campus support program and is written for college counselors, student support services programs and TRIO programs

Building Sustainable Programs: A Practical Guide to Developing Core Leadership Skills
Harder and Co, January 2015
This resource outlines the key elements that are prerequisites for a successful meeting, information about group dynamics needed to maximize the success of meetings, and strategies for how to effectively lead a group to set priorities and make decisions. A Word version of the templates provided can also be downloaded here.

Helping Former Foster Youth Graduate from College: Campus Support Programs in California and Washington State
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, 2009
This report presents the results of a comprehensive study of campus support programs for foster youth to better understand how they are implemented and their impact. Researchers surveyed and conducted telephone interviews with the campus support programs in California and Washington State.

Serving Former Foster Youth in California Community Colleges: Successes, Challenges, and Recommendations
The RP Group, October 2008
This report addresses the common challenges in serving former foster youth and how community colleges can respond to the needs of foster youth. It also provides examples on successful approaches, key findings and policy and practice recommendations.

Essential Elements College Support Programs
An overview from Honoring Emancipated Youth of the essential elements of a campus support program for foster youth.