Collaboratives & Consortiums

Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI)
The Foster Youth Success Initiative is led by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. All community colleges have identified at least one foster youth partner who is typically housed through the financial aid or EOP office. FYSI coordinators meet on a regional basis to improve access to student services and resources, access to academic support, retention, academic performance, completion of units, completion of programs and degree, and transfer rates to baccalaureate programs.

Southern California Higher Education Foster Youth Consortium
This group of campus program staff and community partners from across California meets regularly to share strategies for success in supporting foster youth on its campuses. Its mission is to support the work of member institutions and other individuals and groups committed to the promotion of future life successes of former foster youth through educational opportunities and development. 

Northern California Higher Education Foster Youth Consortium
The Northern California Consortium is comprised of representatives of post-secondary institutions with support programs for former foster youth. Its mission is to provide a forum for post-secondary professionals who are involved in providing and creating support programs for current and former foster youth who want to achieve a college education.

Central Valley Higher Education Foster Youth Consortium
The Central Higher Education Valley Foster Youth Consortium (CVHEFYC) established 2016. The purpose of CVHEFYC is to create a collective body of higher education professionals and community partners in the Central Valley who desire to support current and former foster youths’ pursuit of post-secondary education and/or degree completion.

California Foster Youth Education Task Force
The California Foster Youth Education Task Force is composed of subject matter experts representing more than 20 organizations and agencies dedicated to improving educational outcomes. Its purpose is to ensure successful educational outcomes for California’s students in foster care by increasing awareness of their educational needs; promoting best and promising practices; and promoting policy improvements and reforms across educational, child welfare, and juvenile and family court systems.

Education Coordinating Council (ECC)
The Los Angeles County Education Coordinating Council (ECC) was created by the Board of Supervisors in November 2004 and charged with raising the educational achievement of foster and probation youth throughout Los Angeles County. The ECC brings together the major stakeholders responsible for the educational performance of foster and probation youth. Its 24 members include the leadership of school districts with significant numbers of system youth, county departments, the juvenile court, city and county children’s commissions, advocacy and planning groups, community agencies, and youth and their caregivers. Its purpose is to coordinate efforts across organizations and jurisdictions, encouraging networks of people to work together to expand best practices and fill the gaps in communities where little help or support for families is available, so that none of our children are left behind.

Foster Youth Education Liaisons
The Foster Youth Education Liaisons are Foster Youth Services, social services, and probation staff committed to improving the connection between agencies.

San Diego County Council of Colleges
This group meets bi-monthly with representatives from two-year and four-year colleges, as well as other supporting agencies and organizations.