Learn Proven Techniques

For several years, programs like yours have been successfully raising funds to sustain their programs to meet the needs of foster youth. Below are some techniques that have proven successful in building awareness and raising funds; see program samples for “real life” examples of what other campuses have done in recent years.

  1. Recruit champions on campus and in the community willing to serve as program advocates, ambassadors and promoters of the cause. Start by compiling a list of those individuals known to you to be passionate about helping foster youth. If you do not personally know these people, try to find someone who does and who is willing to make an introduction.
  2. Form an advisory committee of carefully selected champions who will both give and get!
  3. Work with the campus communications department to educate them about the need for a foster youth supportive program and tell them about program achievements and student success stories. In recent years, many campus communications departments have been successful in placing articles about programs in the local press. Visit our CCP in the News page for samples of media coverage.
  4. Write an appeal letter to college and/or program alumni asking for support. If possible, have the letter signed by a former foster youth who participated in your program.
  5. Write a letter to local businesses (grocery stores, Starbucks and retail shops) requesting gift cards and/or in-kind donations.
  6. Research potential foundation funders and write letters of inquiry and grant proposals to targeted prospects.
  7. Arrange for your program to be one of the options campus staff can designate in an employee giving program.