Prepare a Written Fundraising Plan

Once you’ve determined the basics (knowing what you’re raising money for and why, what resources are available to you, who your prospects are and what fundraising methods will be most effective), you are ready to prepare a written fundraising plan. Fundraising plans typically cover one to three years and serve as a strategic guide for your future fundraising activities. Plans set forth specific fundraising goals, how you plan to achieve them, who the responsible person(s) is for each activity and what the deadlines are.

Keep in mind that a fundraising goal can be more than a dollar amount. For example, in addition to a goal of raising $XXX with a year-end appeal letter, other goals may include: acquiring XXX new donors, retaining a certain percentage of past donors, and receiving XX percent of increased gifts.

A written fundraising plan can be presented in a word processing document or on a spreadsheet, whatever works best for you and your program.