SB 12 Social Worker Toolkit

What is Senate Bill 12?

Senate Bill 12 went into effect as of January 1, 2018 and included a requirement that for foster youth 16 and older, the case plan must identify who will assist youth with applications for college and financial aid. The California Department of Social Services issued ACL 18-104 which provided additional explanation for how to implement the law.

Why was SB 12 passed?

While California’s foster care system has made important strides in the last five years for older youth, one area where it continues to struggle is post-secondary achievement. By age 26, just 4 percent of former foster youth have achieved a 4-year degree as compared to 36 percent of the same-age population of young adults. Post-secondary training is more essential now than ever before. While over 11 million jobs have been created in the past ten years that require post-secondary education, the economy lost 5 million jobs that can be secured with a high school diploma or less. Successful college enrollment, however, requires navigating complex bureaucracies during a time of stressful transition. Most foster youth are ill-equipped to manage these tasks on their own and adult support is crucial.

Who can be named in the case plan?

There are a wide range of individuals that can be named to provide this support. This could include a high school counselor, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), caregiver, Independent Living Program counselor, college counselor or others. It is important however that any individual named in the case plan has an ongoing relationship with the youth, clearly understands their responsibilities, has the expertise necessary to provide the needed support, and is willing to take on this responsibility.

Are there any resources to help support the goals of SB 12?

John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) has created a toolkit designed to support social workers and probation officers to fulfill the mandate of Senate Bill 12. CLICK HERE to download the full toolkit, or download specific toolkit components below.

College Planning and Application

Financial Aid

College Enrollment