Stop Wasting My Time! – Building your Facilitation Skills

This was the second in a two-part webinar series designed to strengthen campus and organizational capacity to effectively collaborate with partners and embed campus programs within an institutional framework. Collaboration with other stakeholders can bring new resources to a program and bolster capacity to achieve program’s goals. When engaging with other partners in face-to-face meetings however, it is essential that they be a productive and valuable use of participants’ time. This webinar provided strategies for successful meeting facilitation and critical information about how managing group dynamics can make or break a meeting. Whether meeting participants are a seasoned group of collaborators or meeting for the first time, this webinar provided proven techniques for effectively leading a group to set priorities and make decisions. While the context for the material was primarily focused on college campus settings, the material is applicable in a variety of contexts beyond the campus environment.

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Building Sustainable Programs: A Practical Guide to Developing Core Leadership Skills
Building Your Facilitation Skills Recording
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