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Download the Foster Youth Educational Planning Guide containing checklists, tips and information to support foster youth from 7th through 12th grades who aspire to go to college.

Why This Matters

There is a shocking disparity between the number of foster youth who aspire to a college-level education and those who achieve this goal. In one survey of California foster youth, 75% had a goal of attending and graduating from college.  However, an estimated 3-11% of foster youth actually go on to receive a bachelor’s degree nationwide.

The good news is that through strategic philanthropic investments, dedication and support from California’s three public post-secondary education systems, and the determination and perseverance of youth themselves, California College Pathways has helped thousands of foster youth succeed in college and career and is poised to assist thousands more. To learn more  read our new report, Turning Dreams into Degrees: Past, Present, and Future of California College Pathways.

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