Campus support programs that are specifically designed for foster youth can be a great resource while attending college. Program services vary considerably and can include personal and academic counseling, financial assistance, housing, mentoring and much more. Get the most accurate information about what each program offers by directly contacting the specific program. Download this list of questions to ask campus representatives to get the best idea of whether the specific program will meet the needs of your youth.

Find Campus Support Programs

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Foster Youth Contacts on Campus

If a campus isn’t listed above, it may still have some resources for foster youth. For example, every community college has a designated point of contact known as a Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) liaison.

Click below for lists of foster youth contacts at the various colleges and universities.

Social and Economic Barrier Support

In addition, programs to support the educational needs of students challenged by social and economic barriers, known as Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) or Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS), exist at all publicly funded colleges and universities in California. Some campuses also have Federal TRIO programs designed to provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Other Support