Program Sustainability / fundraising

Planning for program sustainability should start early. Securing financial resources (grants and donations) takes time and you don’t want to find yourself in the position of scrambling for funds to keep your doors open. And even if your college provides your program with staffing, administrative space and other resources, you are likely to have other program needs that would go unmet without additional funding.

At its core, fundraising is about building relationships with individuals, businesses and foundations that care about the people being served and therefore want to support the services being provided. In this case, the people are foster youth and former foster youth and the services being provided are those that support foster youth so they can succeed in college. Effective fundraising connects funders with the cause(s) they want to support. Efficient fundraising enables you to achieve funding goals while still developing, managing and offering much-valued student programs.

Let us help you get started, identify prospects, determine the appropriate solicitation method, learn proven techniques, prepare a written fundraising plan and find additional fundraising resources.